Monday, June 26, 2006

Episode 24: Interview with Jeffrey from SavingAdvice

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Jeffrey is more than just a personal finance blogger. He's the founder of, a rich and varied resource for savers and bloggers, as well as over a dozen other sites related to personal finance and saving money. His passion for helping others handle their personal finance challenges has turned into a full-time venture for him, and I'm very glad to have him on my podcast.

Jeffrey's main site is at

Links to sites mentioned in the interview:
Stop Buying Crap
How To Be Poor

Monday, June 19, 2006

Episode 23: Interview with Tricia from Blogging Away Debt

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As you might guess from the title of her blog, Tricia blogs about debt reduction. She finds that her anonymous readers help keep her accountable to herself about her financial decisions, and she really has blogged away some debt as a result!!! Although we don’t discuss it in the interview, she’s receiving a prosper loan to reduce her debt faster, and she’s got some great posts about it on her blog.

Tricia’s blog can be found at:

Monday, June 12, 2006

Episode 22: Father's Day Interview

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Since Father's day is coming up this weekend, and I'm a father, I decided to do something a bit different for this week's episode. I let my wife interview me! She's been looking forward to asking me some of the questions I usually ask my interviewees. And she tosses in a few new ones. I had a hard time resisting the urge to re-record some of my answers when I was doing the final post-production on the podcast.

Links to sites mentioned in the interview:
Finance Junkie:
Dawn at Frugal for Life
Sam Keen
Laura Rowley

Monday, June 05, 2006

Episode 21: Interview with That Ede Guy from A Penny Saved...

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That Ede Guy has been creating websites for years but blogging has really unleashed his prolific writing. He's from North Dakota and he gives a good midwestern perspective on personal finance. If you're from the city and looking for a real estate bargain, check out what he has to say about the price of homes in North Dakota!

A Penny Saved can be found at

Links to sites mentioned in the interview: