Monday, August 28, 2006

Max of How To Be Poor interviewed on Money Blogger Podcast # 33

Max started blogging as a resource on how to get by with little money, but recently his blog has turned in to a bit of an adventure tale with his regular posts about moving to a new city, finding a job, making decisions about cheap transportation. As a Ukrainian immigrant he has some interesting things to say about debt culture!

Max's blog is at:

Links to sites mentioned in the interview:
Neville's Blog:

Jeffrey of Personal Finance Advice:

All Things Financial:


Anonymous Credit Report Repair said...

I agree with his website. You can save tons of money every day at work by bringing your own food. My wife and I did it and saved $600 per month.

8:24 PM  
Blogger moneymonk said...

Nice interview, Max has an very interesting background. He seems to have good habits on frugal living

2:26 PM  

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