Wednesday, March 29, 2006

iTunes and Other Podcasting stuff

The Money Blogger Podcast is now available on iTunes. There's a long story about why it wasn't on iTunes before. But I won't bore you with that. I do want to know, however, how many of you subscribe to this podcast with a podcatcher like iTunes or Juice, and how many just listen by clicking on the audio links on this blog site.

I've also had a couple of listeners point out some of the other features that could be added to my podcasts, like chapter markers, images, etc. I'd like your thoughts on these features. I'm way overdue for coming up with a logo. But what other features do you think would be good?


Blogger WIM said...

Hello Scott, I just use to the link from your website to listen to your podcasts. I have not checked the new services available for Podcasters but you might find the few mentioned here useful.

I wouldnt encourage folks to go to iTunes for they would miss all the hardwork that you have put in the design of your website. Also, you may want to branch into writing posts. Always willing to discuss how you could spice up your site!
Cheers, WIM

9:50 AM  
Anonymous John said...

I listen to the podcasts from your site. Pictures and a visible traffic meter might be interesting.

8:13 AM  
Blogger WIM said...

Hope this helps! I suggested this in one of my previous comments. There's more information on Divicast here....

9:12 AM  
Anonymous CollegeGrad said...


I am happy to hear that you are now listed on iTunes! Now, all I have to do is subscribe and whenever you are updated it automatically shows. Great!

Also, a nice and spiffy logo is always nice to have! I will be sure to subscribe and leave a review.


5:30 PM  

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